Sacre bleu! The City of Light comes to Sin City in this, one of the few theme-run-amok hotels left to its giddy devices. Stay here if you came to Vegas for the silly fantasy. The outside reproduces various Parisian landmarks (amusing anyone familiar with Paris, as the Hotel de Ville is crammed on top of the Louvre), complete with a half-scale perfect replica of the Eiffel Tower. The interior puts you in the middle of a dollhouse version of the city. You can stroll down a mini Rue de la Paix, ride an elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower, stop at an overpriced bakery for a baguette, and have your photo taken near several very nice fountains.

Quel dommage, this attention to detail does not extend to the rooms, which are nice enough but uninteresting, with furniture that only hints at mock French Regency. Bathrooms are small but pretty, with deep tubs. If you don’t mind the upgraded price, go for the newer Red rooms on the upper floors, done in a modern French-bordello theme complete with suede sofas that look like puckered lips. Try to get a Strip-facing room so that you can see Bellagio’s fountains across the street; note also that north-facing rooms give you nice Peeping Tom views right into neighboring Bally’s. The monorail has a stop out back, which adds to the convenience factor. Overall, not a bad place to stay, but a great place to visit—quel hoot!

Dining options include an upscale steakhouse from fiery Brit Gordon Ramsay, the highly lauded Le Village Buffet, the Sugar Factory, and bistro Mon Ami Gabi. For entertainment (as if it wasn’t entertaining enough already) there are lounges and a nightclub Chateau, the Eiffel Tower attraction, and the bawdy/raw hypnotist Anthony Cools (trust us: you DON'T want to volunteer to by hypnotized).