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Forums » St. Maarten:St. Martin » 4 day solo trip


4 day solo trip

by Ssophier »

Hi all,

I'm taking a 4 night trip to St. Maarten on April 30th.  It will be my first trip to the Caribbean.  I'm turning 35 that week and will be celebrating that, as well as my divorce!  I'm interested in aviation so of course Maho Beach will be a draw to me.  However, I also like to hike, bike, ride motorcycles, etc.  I'm looking for suggestions for the time I'm there, and also suggestions on places to meet other singles out there?  Thanks.


RE: 4 day solo trip

by Sean321 »

Guys, I have no idea about the St. Maarten. It is  anew name of country for me.  I think tirp is the best way to see the beauty of it. I am thinking to go there as soon as possible. I hope Iwill also enjoy there many things which are good and perfect for the fun. Ihope my first journey will be good for me.