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Forums » Tibet » Boycott the InterContinental Hotel in Lhasa


Boycott the InterContinental Hotel in Lhasa

by andrew254 »

InterContinental Hotels are building a new 2,000 room resort in Lhasa called the InterContinental Resort Lhasa Paradise that is due to open in 2014.

It's not immediately obvious why building a hotel in Tibet is a bad thing, but this would be terrible for Tibetans in Tibet.

China wants the international community to see Tibet as a happy place that is legitimately part of China and where Tibetan culture is protected, as opposed to the reality where Tibetans and their culture are oppressed in their own country.

InterContiental's presence in Tibet and its marketing of a “paradise” resort actively supports this viewpoint and China’s military occupation.

Please support the boycott of all InterContinental Hotels until they get out of Tibet.


RE: Boycott the InterContinental Hotel in Lhasa

by johnnydan »

This hotel is good. But there are better hotels such as St. Regis Resort Hotel, Four Point Sheraton Hotel. For more information, you can visit Tibet Tour.