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Forums » Italy & Malta » Italy in October: Venice, Florence, Amalfi, Rome


Italy in October: Venice, Florence, Amalfi, Rome

by Aloysius2 »

I'm traveling with two friends to Italy in October for 17 days and I would welcome feedback and suggestions.  Heres the itinerary:

Venice, October 7 - 11:

--Still deciding on what to visit

--Travel by train to Florence

Florence: October 11 - 16:

--October 11 - 14 tour Florence

--October 15 - day trip to Pisa, Lucca, and back to Florence

-October 16 - Travel by train to Amalfi

Amalfi, October 16 - 18:

--October 16 - tour Amalfi

--October 17 - Positano and Capri (use ferry to get to there)

--October 18 - Travel by train to Rome

Rome, October 18 - 23:

--October 18 (I was approved to attend Mass at the Vatican, but I would have to leave Amalfi on the 17th get be able to go to Mass on the 18th at 10:00 am.  I'm not sure what to do.)

Thanks in advance.






RE: Italy in October: Venice, Florence, Amalfi, Rome

by Road Crazy »

1.  Why not go to Rome from Florence, put the Amalfi Coast at the end, and fly home from Naples?  Then you can make your mass.

2.  You are double-counting your travel days.  The 11th cannot be counted as a Venice day when you also plan to travel to Florence and tour Florence that day.

3.  In general, keep in mind travel time.  It will take you most of the 16th to travel from Florence to Amalfi, so you will have no time in Florence that day and precious little in Amalfi.  You will spend the 18th in transit to Rome - that will take at least half the day.

4.  You are currently planning to spend a little over a day on the Amalfi Coast, in exchange for a day of travel from Florence and half a day going back to Rome.  It's a wonderful area, worth a good deal more than a day and change, and you are contemplating spending as much time traveling there and back as you will spend there.  My preference would be to just go to Rome and visit the Amalfi Coast another time, when you have sufficient time for it.  (Incidentally, Capri will take most of a day, so you won't have any significant time in Positano either.)




RE: Italy in October: Venice, Florence, Amalfi, Rome

by mushroom »

I'm guessing you've already bought your air tickets, but If you haven't I would suggest arranging things so that you can go to the Amalfi coast first, for reasons of weather.  I would probably do Amalfi>Rome>Venice>Florence.  However, weather is always a roll of the dice, so if you already have air tickets that would cost a fortune to change, then your order of cities is fine.  Amalfi tends to have nice weather for most of October. 

You can't "travel by train to the Amalfi".  The furthest you can get by train is Sorrento, and then you must take a bus from there. I don't think you can successfully visit both Capri & Positano in the same day, but if you want to try, put Capri in the morning and see Positano later.  SInce you will need to pass through Positano leaving the Amalfi to the get to Rome, you might think about staying in Postiano instead of Amalfi.  However, you need to first check if ferries from Positano to Capri are still running that late in October.  If so, stay in Positano, take the ferry to Capri, return to Amalfi for a quick look around -- and be sure you are on that last bus back to Positano or else you will be stuck with a big taxi bill.

It's between you and God as to whether you want to skip Mass at the Vatican, but you are right that you need to be out of the Amalfi coast the night before.  However, if you go sleep in Naples and are on a train by 8am, you should be able to make the 10am Mass -- unless they tell you need to be there hours earlier for security.

It is often best, when traveling as quickly as you intend to travel, to get out of the mentality of traveling on morning trains.  What I mean is, consider checking out of a hotel, leaving your bags with the hotel, but doing some more sightseeing in that town before you leave.  By the time you decide to go to your next destination, you'll be able to check into your hotel room right away.  Many sights and museums in Italy stay open until 7.30pm.  So it is possible to, say, stay in Venice in the morning, buy some things for a picnic lunch,  get on the train around 1pm, eat your lunch en route to Florence, get to the hotel, shower, and be at a museum or visiting an important church by 5.30.  That sort of thing.


PS: Here's one more thought: 

When you head to the Amalfi area, get off the train in Naples, store all your luggage (except a toothbrush) in the Naples train station, and take a taxi to the docks to catch a ferry to Capri.  Spend the night, next day take a ferry to Amalfi, see the cathedral, then make your way back by bus along the Amalfi drive to Sorrento, get on the train to Naples, pick up your luggage, get on a train to Rome.  If it is raining, cancel your visit to the Amalfi coast and spend the time in Naples.  Great town and you can book last minute in October no problem.  Ditto if you'd rather just go to Rome early.

Keep in mind that the sun sets fairly early at that time of year -- which is another reason I'd want the Amalfi coast earlier rather than later in the trip.  


RE: Italy in October: Venice, Florence, Amalfi, Rome

by Aloysius2 »

Thank you for the feedback.  

We booked the plane tickets months ago, so the start and end cities can't be changed.  Since my original post, we are no longer traveling to Amalfi Coast.  Instead, we are visiting Siena and leaving Southern Italy for another trip.





RE: Italy in October: Venice, Florence, Amalfi, Rome

by Bharat9 »

Hey .. Bharat here and would really like your help, you seem to have very good info... 


My honeymoon and i was planning a trip to Italy.. Land in Rome and spend some time there, then spend three days in tuscanny starting from Florence and then head to Rome back anf from there go to the Amalfi coast .. Does this make sense .. also from Amalfi coast how do we head back , can wqe fly out of Naples or have to come back to Rome.. Best form of travel from Rome to Amalfi and Amalfi to Rome / Naples ... Amalfi thoguht 4 days- 2 postiano and 2 capri .. 


Thanks a lot 


RE: Italy in October: Venice, Florence, Amalfi, Rome

by mushroom »



Hello Bharat



Where are you coming from? If your plane flight to Rome is not too long and difficult, you might want to get off the plane and go straight to Florence on the train, or get off the plane and go first to the Amalfi coast (take a train to Naples, and then a taxi to the Amalfi coast).  If you decide to see the Amalfi coast last, there is an airport in Naples, and maybe you can find a good flight that begins your journey back home.   Or else you need to go back to Rome to fly from there.  If you need to fly back from Rome, it might be best to save Rome as your very last stop.



Whether your plans "make sense" depends on how many days you plan to be in Italy.  If you want to see the scenery in Tuscany, it is best to rent a car or hire a driver to show you around. If you most want to stay in the city of Florence in Tuscany. you shouldn't rent a car.


Also, which days of October do you want to go to Capri? The later you go in October, the greater the chance of rainy days. Rather then book a hotel in advance, it might make sense to wait until you get to Italy to make sure it is sunny on Capri on the days you want to be there if you are going in late October.